Construction Projects


The Dunes Club Renovations

18034 The Dunes Club Renovations Set


Kia/Mazda of New Bern

Kia of New Bern Cover sheet, G sheets, Civil

Kia of New Bern A sheets

Kia of New Bern Structural

Kia of New Bern – PME

Mazda of New Bern – A sheets

Mazda of New Bern – PME

Kia Mazda Specs

Emerald Isle Duplex

18012 Emerald Isle Duplex Plans for Bid

Saint Andrews Episcopal Church

St. Andrews Episcopal Church- bidding documents

St Andrews Episcopal Church- plans for bid

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church- Addendum 1

St. Andrew’s Invited Bidders List

  • LA Downey and Son
  • Primus Contracting
  • Thomas Simpson Construction
  • Carolina Crawl Space Solutions

Lookout Ford – Morehead City, NC

(Thomas Simpson Construction)

Lookout Ford Architectural

Lookout Ford Civil

Lookout Ford Structural

Lookout Ford Plumbing Drawings

Lookout Ford Mechanical Drawings

Lookout Ford Electrical Drawings

Lookout Ford Addendum 1

Lookout Ford Addendum 2

Lookout Ford Addendum 3

Lookout Ford Addendum 4

Lookout Ford BDs

Lookout Ford Specifications

Western Carteret Public Library Addition

Western Carteret Library Addition- plans for bid

Western Carteret Library Addition Addendum 1

Western Carteret Library Addition- Specs

Western Carteret Library-Unofficial Bid Tab

Western Carteret Library Pre-bid Sign In Sheet

Western Carteret Library Pre-bid minutes

Awarded Bidder:

  • Harbor Point Contracting

Coastal Carolina Orthodontics – Morehead City, NC

CCO A sheets

CCO P sheets

CCO M sheets

CCO E sheets

CCO Furniture/Equipment sheets

Domestic Violence Shelter – Morehead City, NC

Domestic Violence Revisions 10-04-18

Domestic Violence Shelter A and S sheets

Domestic Violence Plumbing

Domestic Violence Mechanical

Domestic Violence Electrical

Renovations to Windley Residence

Renovations to Windley Residence Plans for Bid

First Baptist Church – Morehead City, NC

Addendum No. 1

Addendum No. 2

Addendum No. 3

Architectural- part 1

Architectural- part 2

Architectural- part 3

Architectural- part 4





Fire Alarm


Invited Bidders List

Chevrolet of New Bern Renovations – New Bern, NC

Bid Date Extended- new date is 4pm October 19, 2017

Invited Bidders List

16033 Chevy of New Bern Set

Addendum No. 1

Addendum No. 2

Addendum No. 3


16033 Chevy of New Bern Specifications

Lucas Research Building – Morehead City, NC

Lucas Research – Cover Sheet, Life Safety Sheets, & Site Civil (part 1)

Lucas Research – Cover Sheet, Life Safety Sheets, & Site Civil (part 2)

Lucas Research – Architectural Through Structural Sheets

Lucas Research – PME Sheets