Construction Projects

Lucas Research Building

Lucas Research – Cover Sheet, Life Safety Sheets, & Site Civil

Lucas Research – Architectural Through Structural Sheets

Lucas Research – PME Sheets

Swansboro Public Safety- Bunk Room Addition

Unofficial Bid Tab

Prebid meeting minutes and sign in sheet
Addendum No. 1
Addendum No. 2
Clarification No. 1: Just to be clear about Addendum 1 Limited Fire Sprinkler Description.  The Owner will provide the water line from the RPZ to the building for a point of connection for the Fire Sprinkler System.

 Swansboro Public Safety Bunk Room Addition- plans

Swansboro Public Safety- Bunk Room Addition Specs

Town of Atlantic Beach Public Services Building

Unofficial Bid Tab Pre-bid Meeting Minutes and Sign in Sheet

Addendum No. 1
Addendum No. 2 
 Addendum No. 3
 AB Public Services- Cover sheet through Site Civil
AB Public Services- Architectural through Structural sheets
AB Public Services- PME sheets
AB Public Services- Specs
AB Public Services- Advertisement for Bid

Renovations to Waste Industries

Bid Tabulation
Invited Bidders-
Thomas Simpson Construction
Joyce and Associates
Norstate Contracting
Primus Contracting
L.A. Downey & Sons
Waste Industries Drawings
Waste Industries Bidding Documents

Ann Street United Methodist Church- Roof Overbuild

Addendum No. 1 
Ann Street Drawings
Ann Street Bidding Documents

Front Street Village Certification Drawings 






Rice Residence (Hunter Young Construction)

Rice Residence


Peppertree Atlantic Beach, Buildings 15-19,24-25 Deck Repairs (Norstate Construction)

Bldgs 15-19 24-25 Existing – Demo Plans

Bldgs 15-19 24-45 repair sheets Part 1

Bldgs 15-19 24-45 repair sheets Part2

Bldgs 15-19 24-45 Mech and Elec Part 1

Bldgs 15-19 24-45 Mech and Elec Part 2

Revised Buildings 15-16 Sheets


Peppertree Atlantic Beach, Buildings 20-23 Deck Repairs (Norstate Construction)

Peppertree Buildings 20-23 Deck Repairs Existing Plans

Peppertree Buildings 20-23 Repair Plan sheets

Peppertree Buildings 20-23 Deck Repairs Mech and Electrical Repairs

Front Street Village – Drystack II (Thomas Simpson Construction)

FSV Drystack II Architectural Drawings

FSV DryStack II E sheets

FSV DryStack II FA sheet

FSV Drystack II Foundation Plan F-1

FSV Drystack II Foundation Plan F-1.1

FSV Drystack II Metal Building Drawings

FSV Drystack II Electrical (revised)

FSV DryStack II FA (revised)


Atlantic Beach Beach Access – Dunes Ave.

Dunes Ave Access

Dunes Ave specs



Kellum Baptist Church – J.H. Batten

Kellum Architectural drawings

Kellum Civil Drawings

Kellum Structural Drawings

Kellum Plumbing Drawings

Kellum Mechanical drawings

Kellum Fire Alarm Drawing

Kellum Electrical drawings


Transportation Impact

Design Build – Wimco

Transportation Impact Addendum1

Transportation Impact Architectural FINAL Part 1

Transportation Impact Architectural FINAL Part 2

Transportation Impact Civil FINAL

Transportation Impact Structural

Transportation Impact Plumbing

Transportation Impact Mechanical

Transportation Impact Electrical

Transportation Impact Fire Alarm

Transportation Impact Food Service

Revised Plumbing Fixture Schedule

Transportation Impact – Revised Structural Drawings (09.04.15)

Transportation Impact – S1.3 (09.14.15) Revised (09-14-15)

Bulletin Drawings 14 Sept. 15

Site Civil Modifications 100715

A-1.1 2nd Level Plan Revised

A-2 Room Finish Schedules Revised

A-3 Elevations Revised

A-8.1 2nd Level Plan RCP Revised

Transportation Impact Plumbing Revisions

Transportation Impact – Mechanical Revisions

Transportation Impact Electrical Revisions

Transportation Impact – Private Dining Plumbing

Transportation Impact – Private Dining Mechanical

Transportation Impact – Private Dining Electrical

Transportation Impact – Private Dining Fire Alarm

Bridges North Luxury Apartments (S.F. Ballou Construction)

Bridges North Luxury Architectural

Bridges North Luxury Fire Alarm

Bridges North Luxury Electrical

Front Street Village Blackbeard’s Retreat – Certification Documents

Blackbeards Retreat Certification Documents


Front Street Village Dockside Unit – Revised Drawings


FRONT STREET VILLAGE Light Keepers Cottage  (Thomas Simpson Construction)

Light Keeper’s Cottage Set 9-15-2014