Construction Projects


East Coast Hearing and Balance- Morehead City, NC

Apparent Low Bidder: LA Downey

East Coast Hearing and Balance Addendum 1

East Coast Hearing and Balance Addendum 2 REVISED

East Coast Hearing and Balance Addendum 3

East Coast Hearing and Balance Addendum 4

East Coast Bidding Document

East Coast Arch, Civil, Structural

East Coast Plumbing

East Coast Mechanical

East Coast Electrical


 Lincoln Volvo Renovations- New Bern, NC

Awarded to: T.D. Goodwin

17034 Lincoln Volvo Addendum 1

17034 Lincoln Volvo Addendum 2

17034 Lincoln Volvo Addendum 3

17034 Lincoln Volvo Specs

17034 Lincoln Volvo Architectural

17034 Lincoln Volvo Plumbing

17034 Lincoln Volvo Mechanical

17034 Lincoln Volvo Electrical

The Dunes Club Renovations

18034 The Dunes Club Renovations Set

 Kia/Mazda of New Bern

Kia of New Bern Cover sheet, G sheets, Civil

Kia of New Bern A sheets

Kia of New Bern Structural

Kia of New Bern – PME

Mazda of New Bern – A sheets

Mazda of New Bern – PME

Kia Mazda Specs

 Emerald Isle Duplex

18012 Emerald Isle Duplex Plans for Bid

Saint Andrews Episcopal Church

St. Andrews Episcopal Church- bidding documents

St Andrews Episcopal Church- plans for bid

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church- Addendum 1

St. Andrew’s Invited Bidders List

  • LA Downey and Son
  • Primus Contracting
  • Thomas Simpson Construction
  • Carolina Crawl Space Solutions

 Lookout Ford – Morehead City, NC

(Thomas Simpson Construction)

Lookout Ford Architectural

Lookout Ford Civil

Lookout Ford Structural

Lookout Ford Plumbing Drawings

Lookout Ford Mechanical Drawings

Lookout Ford Electrical Drawings

Lookout Ford Addendum 1

Lookout Ford Addendum 2

Lookout Ford Addendum 3

Lookout Ford Addendum 4

Lookout Ford BDs

Lookout Ford Specifications

Western Carteret Public Library Addition

Western Carteret Library Addition- plans for bid

Western Carteret Library Addition Addendum 1

Western Carteret Library Addition- Specs

Western Carteret Library-Unofficial Bid Tab

Western Carteret Library Pre-bid Sign In Sheet

Western Carteret Library Pre-bid minutes

Awarded Bidder:

  • Harbor Point Contracting

Coastal Carolina Orthodontics – Morehead City, NC

CCO A sheets

CCO P sheets

CCO M sheets

CCO E sheets

CCO Furniture/Equipment sheets

Domestic Violence Shelter – Morehead City, NC

Domestic Violence Revisions 10-04-18

Domestic Violence Shelter A and S sheets

Domestic Violence Plumbing

Domestic Violence Mechanical

Domestic Violence Electrical

Renovations to Windley Residence

Renovations to Windley Residence Plans for Bid

First Baptist Church – Morehead City, NC

Addendum No. 1

Addendum No. 2

Addendum No. 3

Architectural- part 1

Architectural- part 2

Architectural- part 3

Architectural- part 4





Fire Alarm


Invited Bidders List

Chevrolet of New Bern Renovations – New Bern, NC

Bid Date Extended- new date is 4pm October 19, 2017

Invited Bidders List

16033 Chevy of New Bern Set

Addendum No. 1

Addendum No. 2

Addendum No. 3


16033 Chevy of New Bern Specifications

Lucas Research Building – Morehead City, NC

Lucas Research – Cover Sheet, Life Safety Sheets, & Site Civil (part 1)

Lucas Research – Cover Sheet, Life Safety Sheets, & Site Civil (part 2)

Lucas Research – Architectural Through Structural Sheets

Lucas Research – PME Sheets